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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Child Sacrifice Today in Uganda

Christian apologists argue that Yahweh was justified in ordering the complete annihilation of the Canaanites because of their extreme wickedness. The most serious crime of the Canaanites, according to these defenders of genocide, was the practice of child sacrifice. Child sacrifice is being practiced today in Uganda. Would it be justified to go in and destroy all the men, women, children and infants in Uganda in response? Of course not, that would be a crime greater than the child sacrifice itself.


  1. Now I see why you are posting so many articles on the subject. I have read several articles on the killing of alleged witches in african countries (urged on by some evangelical groups), but this is a whole new level of evil.

  2. I am posting a lot on it because it was one of the reasons why I had to reject evangelical Christianity. The genocides are so obviously immoral and can never be harmonized with the concept of a perfectly good God. I looked at every possible way to harmonize it and couldn't. I also came to the conclusion that the death of Jesus was nothing more than human sacrifice itself and thus the whole evangelical house came tumbling down.

  3. I'd post something longer but if you want a much better idea why people do this kind of thing read some Rene Girard.