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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Index to Posts on the Penal Substitutionary Theory (PST) of the Atonement

1. Importance of the Doctrine to Evangelicals ( Part One, Part Two,,Part Three, and Part Four)

2. My Arguments Against the PST

2.1 It is Unjust to Punish an Innocent Person ( Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart FivePart SixPart SevenPart EightPart NinePart Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve)

2.2. PST Eliminates True Forgiveness

2.3. PST Results in a Breach in the Trinity ( Part One , Part Two, Part Three)

2.4. PST Eliminates True Forgiveness (Part One, and Part Two)

2.5. PST Demands Either a Limited Atonement or Universalism

2.6. PST Reflects Primitive Believe in Human Sacrifices (Part One and Part Two)

2.7. PST Contradicts the Teachings of Jesus

2.8. My Answers to a Defender of PST

2.9. The Doctrine of Imputation Does Not Resolve the Problems of PST (Part OnePart Two and  Part Three)

2.10. PST Requires that the God-Man die a spiritual death (Part OnePart Two, Part Three)

2.11. Requiring a bloody death before forgiving is barbaric
3. Other's Arguments Against PST

3.1. John Loftus

3.2. Timothy Bayne and Greg Restall advocate a Particpatory Model of the Atonement

3.3. Various Christian Theologians

3.4. Stuart Murray Williams

3.5. Greg Boyd

3.6. John Miley

3.7. James McGrath

3.8. George Barker Stevens

3.9. Vincent Brummer

3.10. Thomas Aquinas ( Part OnePart Two ,  Part Three and Part Four)

3.11. Faustus Socinus (Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart FourPart Five, Part Six and Part Seven)

3.12. Eleonore Stump (Part One and Part Two)

3.13. Joseph Priestly

3.14. George MacDonald

3.15. Mark Murphy

3.16. A. J. Heller

3.17. Mark Heim

3.18. Stanford Burney

3.19. William Connor Magee

3.20. G. C. Foley

3.21. Website Sola Ratione
3.21.1. Is the Doctrine of Penal Substitution Morally Plausible?

3.21.2. Why Did Jesus Choose to Die?

3.21.3. De Facto and de Jure Penal Substitution
3.21.4. Can Penal Substitution be Justified on Utilitarian Grounds?

3.21.5. Punishment is not an Abstract Commodity
3.21.6. Is Christ held vicariously liable for our sins?
3.21.7. God Has not Forgiven Us

4. Evangelical's Attempts to Defend PST Rebutted

4.1. Glenn Miller

4.2. John Piper

4.3. Patrick Franklin

4.4. Charles Spurgeon

4.5. Louis Berkhof

4.6. A. H. Strong

4.7. Wayne Grudem

4.8. Lewis Sperry Chafer

4.9. Charles Hodge

4.10. Charles Hodge vs. A. H. Stong

4.11. William G. T. Shedd

4.12. John Hare

4.13. R. L. Dabney (part one and part two)

4.14. A. A. Hodge

4.15. Francis Turretin

4.16. Wilhelmus à Brakel

4.17. Ben Witherington

4.18. John Owen (Part One, Part Two, and Part Three)

4.19. Jonathan Edwards

4.20. Oliver Crisp

4.21. Franklin Johnson

4.22. Junius Remensnyder

4.23. Rustin Umstattd

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. Clint Eastwood's Movie Gran Torino and the Atonement

5.2. Theories of Punishment and the Atonement (Part Two)

5.3. The Psychological Appeal of the PST

5.4. Was the Death of Jesus Necessary in order for God to forgive sin?

5.5. Gregory the Great on Punishing an Innocent

5.6. David Lewis on Penal Substitution