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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Differences between Jesus and the Father

The latest Mr. Deity video humorously illustrates the differences that many have noticed between the compassionate and just Jesus and the vindictive and unjust Father.


  1. Ken... Thanks!

    That was very funny and mind-stimulating. Deserves at least a 2nd watch, probably more, as my slowish mental processor couldn't keep up!

    Good timing in that I was about to post a further response re. your education/curriculum comment a few days ago. I was going to say "EDUTAINMEMT!" That is, the need to exploit this new genre, of sorts, that combines the two much as that great skit does. There are many, varied ways to do it, most of them beyond my skills or training. But I think we'll need to exploit this kind of approach (some less cerebral than the example here) heavily to bring some decent level of education to younger people that they will not get in school or elsewhere. Personally, I think the best openings and the sensible age bracket to focus on first is about 18-30, especially the college or grad school population, and recent grads.

    (Along those lines, my daughter, currently in Germany and a 2009 USC grad, just reported on reading and being impressed... apparently... with "The Case for Christ" by Strobel.) I'm trying to figure how to best help her see some of the gaping, but not real obvious holes in his approach and logic/evidence. She is basically Evangelical, but like many of her age-mates, not particularly "conservative" socially or politically... thus some cracks to work through.... Your thoughts? (I'm up against the restraint that she basically knows I "know too much" and doesn't want to discuss matters of faith much.)


  2. Howard,

    I agree with you about edutainment. For better or worse we live in an age where people are used to being entertained and education is considered boring. I am constantly amazed and depressed by the kinds of stories that are considered newsworthy--for example all of the hoopla over Tiger Woods. Is his personal life really so important that it deserves a slot on the evening news? Is there nothing more important going on in the world?

    Well, I needed to vent a little. Yes, we need to think creatively on how to properly educate our young people. One of the real needs is critical thinking. How to look at everything you see or read with a critical eye.

  3. Re Natural Spirituality
    Lee Bistrop has done a great review of Lee Stobel's book you may want to send your daughter the web site as an interesting read.