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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is Religion Dangerous?

The politically correct view today is that one should not criticize someone else's religion. Religious beliefs are personal and should be respected, we are told.

Sam Harris shows in this CNN interview below that this kind of thinking is seriously misguided. Religion is focusing attention on the wrong issues, holding society back, and in its extreme forms endangering our lives.


  1. Saw this a while back. Sam Harris is an exceptionally intelligent guy, and very lucid speaker.

  2. I don't think we yet know enough about the evolution and functioning of the human psyche to say with certainty that man would be better off without religion.

  3. Thanks for the clip, Ken, I missed that somehow.
    Vinny - I share some of your concerns there, it just feels very uncomfortable to accept that we are better of when we live a lie. That sticks in my throat. Is this not a case of sucking up a bit of pain so that we can be better in the long run?

    I have some reading and consideration to do on that, but it is a huge huge topic, one on which our futures may literally hinge.