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Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Saturday Jamming

Since some of my readers didn't like the music I posted earlier, perhaps you will like this better:

HT: Jeri Massi


  1. Sounds pretty much of the same caliber of what you had before. Both very immoral and attempt at ridiculing holiness.

  2. This has nothing to do with your choice of music, however, I thought you might find it interesting to look/take a survey that the University of Waterloo in Canada is conducting. Canadians are a head of USA in non-believers.

  3. John,

    This is done by a Christian preacher!

  4. I like the original much better but this was funny!

  5. John S., you really have egg on your face right now. Back in my fundie days, the link to this video was emailed around by my fellow fundies as a source of amusement and entertainment. No one (and we were a pretty hard-core group of fundies/evangelicals) interpreted this as mocking holiness, The Bible etc. But, as Ken said, THIS IS DONE BY A PREACHER!!!! THAT ultimately clinches why you have egg on your face right now.