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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bishop Long Does Not Explicitly Deny the Charges

Bishop Eddie Long has been accused by 4 young men of sexual abuse. Here is what he said to his congregation this morning:

Bishop Long Addresses His Mindless Followers:

If I were accused of such things and I was innocent, I would say as loudly as I could--"I did not commit these acts of which I have been accused." The fact that Long does not deny the allegations but only says "I am not perfect" and "I will fight this" makes one think he is guilty.


  1. Imagine if you or I had been so accused. The denials would be fierce and unequivocal, never prefaced with "I'm not a perfect man."

  2. I think the xtian self forgiveness comes next. Victimization and blame for the victims, and self forgiveness for "Ed."