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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reports of Miracles at Lourdes and Reports of Jesus' Resurrection

Yesterday, I posted the slides that Matt McCormick, Professor of Philosophy at California State University, used in his first debate with his colleague, Russell DiSilvestro. Those compared the evidence for witchcraft at Salem, Massachuetts in the 17th century with the evidence for Jesus being raised from the dead in the 1st century.

Today, I post the slides used in his second debate with DiSilvestro. These compare the reports of miracles at Lourdes with the reports of Jesus' resurrection.

If the above will not load for you, you can access it here.


  1. Hi Ken,
    I can't get either video to load. It just sits there saying it's loading.

  2. Lynn,

    I am not sure why this is happening. It may have something to do with the speed of the internet connection. However, here is are links to the powerpoint presentations.

    Salem Witch Trials and the Resurrection

    Miracles at Lourdes

  3. Dear Ken,

    I just went through the powerpoint and I found the opening statement unscientific and biased at best. Firstly, the people going to the place in France is not precise so the mathematical equation is ambiguous and should not be used. Secondly, the official governing body of the Catholic churches miracles investigation is the tool used to assess these claims also has many problems associated with it. Consequentially the whole premise of this argument based on dodgy conclusions. This point should be disregarded.


  4. One famous French writer, whose name escapes me, visited Lourdes and saw the wall of discarded crutches and wheelchairs and said:

    A single wooden leg would have been more to the point.

    See, "Why God Can't Heal Amputees."