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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grasping at Straws Part Fourteen--Evangelicals Defend Genocide

Well, I have discovered another attempt to defend the Canaanite genocides to add to my grasping at straws series. This one is defended by Chuck Missler, a layman who through the urging of Hal Lindsey embarked on a speaking and writing ministry. For over 20 years Chuck was a Bible teacher at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA and regularly appeared on TBN with Paul and Jan Crouch.

He believes that the Canaanites had to be completely eradicated because they had Nephilim dwelling in their midst. These Nephilim were descendants of the cohabitation that took place between the sons of God (fallen angels, aka demons) and human females in Genesis 6:1-4.

He writes:

One of the disturbing aspects of the Old Testament record was God's instructions, upon entering the land of Canaan, to wipe out every man, woman, and child of certain tribes inhabiting the land. This is difficult to justify without the insight of a "gene pool problem" from the remaining Nephilim, Rephaim, et al., which seems to illuminate the difficulty.

See the video below by William Cooper:

Genocide in the Bible? from Ano on Vimeo.

Because Israel did not fully obey this command to wipe out all of the Canaanites, the Nephilim survived and are still with us today. Missler believes they are the creatures that fly the UFO's.

If you can stomach more of his science fiction, he explains below how the Nephilim are behind UFO abductions:

Lest you think this is some extreme fringe position within Evangelicalism, keep in mind that Missler is a best selling author and a regular on the Christian television circuit. His position is also endorsed by Hal Lindsey, the best selling author (Christian or non-Christian for the decade of the 1970's).


  1. The interesting thing is that this idea is actually very old, not as an explanation for the destruction of the Canaanites, but for the flood of Noah. There is a popular theme in 2nd-Temple Jewish Literature (mostly drawing from 1 Enoch) that the "sons of god" (supposed to be angels) who married the "daughters of men" in Genesis 6 were complicit in the corruption that led to the flood. Even 2 Peter makes a sidelong reference to it. So while it is pretty fantastical, it's not as idiosyncratic as it at first seems.

  2. Also famous of course for his "peanut butter, the atheist's nightmare" -video-.

  3. Mike,

    You are correct. This position that fallen angels cohabited with human females is a very old interpretation and some have used it as a reason why the flood was necessary. Missler keys in on the phrase, "and also afterward" in v. 4: "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward..."

    1. You have to translate, but it is an interesting case.

  4. I just watched the video. Had to love his comment about all languages facing Jerusalem. I'd say only about 30% of anything he says about biblical languages in this video is even remotely correct. Lots of facepalming moments all around.

  5. Why did the Nephilim choose only that part of the world? There are pretty women everywhere, and all the gods know Earth girls are easy! Ask Zeus!

  6. So, okay, the Isrlaelites zapped the aliens/demons/giants who were masquerading as Canaanites. Had these creatures also infiltrated the Israelites themselves when Moses orders all the men - 3,000 of them - killed in Exodus 32.26-29?
    Maybe some of the mass slaughter of the OT can be explained - I use the term extremely lightly - by this Nephilim nonsense (in spite of the pictues in the film show there is no evidence there were ever races of giants on the earth), but what about all the rest?

  7. GMpilot - good point.

    Whilst I don't believe any of it myself I did learn a fair bit about this subject from a guy named Michael Heiser.

  8. Wait a minute. Didn't the flood wipe out all the Nephilim? What were they doing in Canaan?

  9. That's why Missler highlights the "and also afterward" part of Genesis 6, Hacksaw: There were Nephiliim in Noah's day, and also afterwards.

  10. So if you want to wipe out a race, just claim they are Nephlim space aliens? I guess all the neo-nazis now know how to defend Hitler! But who says that just because someone is a space alien that gives you the right to kill them? Superman's an alien, and he's a good guy! Jesus was "not of this world"! So, Jesus was an alien, and Pilate killed him. Doesn't this prove that anti-alien bigotry is bad? The anti-alien scum killed our Lord because of their predjudice! We must abolish anti-alienism!!!!!

  11. It's in Portuguese, but it is an interesting case.