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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Funnies--Lewis Black

Lewis Black on the Old Testament

Lewis Black on Prayer


  1. Hello Ken,

    Can I please ask you for some advice?

    It seems to me, if you are not living as christian, you are not as able to forgive others and love. Also, I find I fall in other sins such as pornography, that I honestly need a moral guide to keep me out of. How do non-chritians live morally superior lives?


  2. I should also add: guilt free.

    Many christians don't necessarily live morally superior lives, but feel they are justified as they are 'non-perfect' and so do not have any guilt. I think Ken, coming from the background you and I come from, that you must know what I mean. There is a bit of generalizing here.

  3. John, to love and forgive, these are not being Christian (only), these are being human. They are universal human traits. As you've already admitted, Christians aren't any better at them than anyone else.

    As for porn, you can pray to Jesus all you want, and it will not change a thing. Think of all the church going men in this country who are crying out to Jesus to remove their desire to look at porn. Year after year, they wonder why nothing changes. If anything changes, it will have a rational explanation - you put a filter on your computer and someone else keeps the password, you grow older and your hormones chill out, or some person holds you accountable and you don't want to get caught and be embarrassed.

    You go ahead and hold on to your Christianity. Just think, you have THE one true religion, worship THE one true almighty God who controls everything that happens to you. The song goes "OUR God is an awesome God..." The emphasis is on "OUR." People go to church every Sunday to have a weekly power trip. The most powerful being in the universe is your best friend. Who'd want to give up that? Christianity is just a another religion that helps people explain what they can't control and give people a sense of power. Christians don't need answers, they have Jesus.

    You just keep praying and see if that porn desire every disappears... oh that's right, it is your "thorn in the flesh" - another great explanation so that you feel peace!

  4. Frisbee,

    Thanks for the reply. You say forgiving is a human trait, yet very few are able to do it properly. One great example I've seen of forgiveness is the Amish who chose to forgive the killer of the girls. But then again, they are bible believers. In general, very hard to do, for much more menial offenses.

    Also, not sure what motivation one would have to avoid porn (or a myriad of many other personal/private sins). It becomes a matter of personal values, and more often than not the value will lean towards what feels good. In other words, if it feels good and you don't get caught, do it. On the other hand, as a christian, you are honoring God in your life.

  5. John,

    I think because of your background, you think certain things are wrong and immoral and thus you feel guilty if you do them. Some of these things may really be wrong but not because God says so but because they damage you or others in certain ways. I think its part of maturity. When you are a child, you need parents or adults to tell you what to do and what not to do, but at some point you are able to make these decision for yourself. I think those that rely on a rulebook are being lazy and childish.

  6. John,

    There are psychological issues involved too. In an authoritarian system, people turn their minds over to someone else to do their thinking for them. Someone who has done this for a long time will take a good long time to deal with it and learn to think for themselves. I would highly recommend, the writings of both Valerie Tarico and Marlene Winnell in this regard.

  7. John, I don't know how old you are but I think you could be quite young. You may not need porn if you have a good active sex life with a real live woman.